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Here, the user will find a minimal representation of the many and varied sonic manifestations of exaltron. Each sample represents a specific subgenre and is linked to its own genre-specific page. Alternately, if you would prefer to jump to a specific genre, simply choose from the drop down menu below and you will be "redirected".

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drumnbaise moi
For those of you who just can't wait for the new CD, I've prepared for you a succulent concoction of sweet, ripe trumpetronics, spicy seared guitar, creamy synth bass, and finished it with generous slices of lyrical innovation. 10 minutes of electro-funk merged with excerpts of two songs from the CD, "20,000 volts" and "focus" (both performed at the new year's eve party). Check out my blog (see below) for details.

20,000 volts

drumnbaise moi

...of stone cold reason, borg. exaltron's first foray into sense-of-life hip-hop, featuring the infamous chorus:
Underhanded bandits got their hands in my pocket
fingers in the socket tryinna drain my flow
but they can't tap the source cuz they know not whence
and now they're comin up against an electric fence

With a dense layering of huge synth-bass, jangly funk guitars, and huge pounding drums, this is anything but the typical "keepin' it real (boring)" hip-hop

Depth of Field

drumnbaise moi
An unholy matrimony of drum machine legerdemain, intricate horn riffs, simmering strings, mambastic upright bass and interminable guitar solos. Moves through electronic tango, samba and afro-cuban with arabic inflections. My repressed wanderlust avenges itself yet again.


drop it
   A maniacal stew of bizarre percussive elements. Abstract dance beats, outré hip hop, burbling synth lines and afro-pop muted guitars combine to form a decidedly propulsive and disorienting groove. From the Depth of Field CD.

le prov

drop it
   A short excerpt from an absurdly long drum n bass manifesto called le provocateur. Begins with a samba-dub intro with a melodica solo, then into a dense vocal passage and finally a high-speed-chase flavored drum n bass section. From Depth of Field.

tricked out pod

drop it
   A lurky cinematic piece flavored with blippity electronic sounds and staticky ambience. Finished with a minimal piano line and brooding percussion. From the Depth of Field CD.

Depth of Field CD available now

This is a 70 minute CD packed with a wild diversity of tone manifestations and packaged by hand in a unique translucent stapled sleeve. Definitely a must for collectors and hardcore fans!

To purchase your copy, go to CDbaby.com right now!.. stop that kid from cryin!

all images, sounds and words ©2003 Scott Hampton

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