The primary exaltron algorithm. The malfunction-inducing combination of tight, complex rhythmic structures and weird electronic sounds fits the exaltron musical agenda perfectly. If you would like to hear more material please go to the main music page or simply choose from the drop down menu below and you will be redirected to the genre of your choosing.


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drop it
This is a short edit of a long flip-hop piece featuring AdrenaLinn processed guitar and open (unprocessed) horn. Begins with dueling diced guitars and evolves into an illed-out electro groove. Section II is an organic layering of percussion and ambient keyboard sounds bubbling underneath a long trumpet solo. Full version available on the new CD Depth of Field.


rarified schmarified

A quintessential electrofunk shuffle featuring two programmed drum loops fed through a variety of digital effects. The web edit of this piece begins with an obtuse and slidy theme that drops into a jazzy guitar solo and ends with some sugary open trumpet over what sounds embarassingly like an MMW remix. Sorry y'all, not like I was trying to bite, it just came out that way..


rarified schmarified A parched, minimal, proto-electro mini-composition w/ sounds and beats redolent of early electronic artists such as Kraftwerk and Afrika Bambaata as well as newer artists like BrothomStates and Boards of Canada.

Depth of Field CD available now

This is a 70 minute CD packed with a wild diversity of tone manifestations and packaged by hand in a unique translucent stapled sleeve. Definitely a must for collectors and hardcore fans!

To purchase your copy, go to CDbaby.com right now!.. stop that kid from cryin!

all images, sounds and words ©2003 Scott Hampton

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