Born of an uncomfortable liaison between a virtuoso gypsy musician and a primitive voltage controlled synthesizer, exaltron was raised as a Improvisational Musicborg capable of interfacing with any MIDI controlled device. Also equipped with Aesthetic Intelligence Gathering Circuitry, exaltron absorbed data from Improvisational Psuedoborgs including Miles Davis, Frank Zappa, James Brown, Robert Frippe, Hal Crook, Fela Kuti, Mongo Santamaria, Brian Eno, Claude Debussy, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and most recently Photek, Squarepusher, Amon Tobin, and Medeski Martin & Wood.

Although lacking the passive circuitry required for most direct programmatic data transfers (known to Pseudoborgs as "musical instruction"), exaltron on occasion has managed to upgrade certain technical protocols with help from programmers such as master Trumpetborg Jerome Callet, architect of the "superchops" module for tone production.

exaltron has presented several real-time improvisational tone manifestations- mostly as a stand alone unit- in and around the greater New York Metro area, as well as his point of origin, Rhode Island. exaltron has been known to interact with other Musicborgs, most recently taking up with loopborg Rex Gibson.



exaltron plays a Gibson ES335 semi-hollow body guitar, Steinberger Spirit GP-2R and a Bach Stradivarius 37 trumpet in addition to myriad percussive and melodic instruments. For live performances, these instruments may be routed through a Digitech DHP-55 harmonizer or a Roger Linn AdrenaLinn guitar pedal. I am currently awaiting delivery of a Blue Chip Axon AX100 guitar to midi converter which will enable me to trigger any computer, sythesizer or sampler sound from my guitar. Aw yeah.




Emagic's Logic Audio software is the neurocenter of all operations at the Funk Farm. I record all live audio as well as all virtual synth and sampler sequencing in Logic. Within Logic, I run emagic's EXSP24 soft sampler and a host of other VST instruments, softsynths and plug-ins. My favorites (most available for free download) include:



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