Drum n bass:

A secondary, albeit extremely crucial exaltron algorithm. The malfunction-inducing combination of tight, complex rhythmic structures and weird electronic sounds fits the exaltron sonic agenda perfectly. If you would like to hear more material please go to the main music page or simply choose from the drop down menu below and you will be redirected to the genre of your choosing.

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drop it

Another tour of the various metageographical regions in the neurolandscape of exaltron. Begins with a rigid and blunt electro bassline that wrenches into a layered gypsy melody. The skewed tonality is maintained through dark and cinematic drum n bass sections, then moves into a lighter piano figure with live doumbec with a refreshing twist at the end.

Hi-fi version available on the new CD Depth of Field.

synthesis exaltron (dosmilytres mix)

drop it

This file has been taken offline to make room for new material. Click here to order the CD online and enjoy this song in full stereophonic sound.

An exaltron classic remixed for the new site. Features dueling trumpets, "gypsynth" melodies and all-around ass-kicking drum n bass sounds. For this mix, I added some cuban-style percussion, new synth sounds and new effects on the trumpet.

 Depth of Field CD available now

This is a 70 minute CD packed with a wild diversity of tone manifestations and packaged by hand in a unique translucent stapled sleeve. Definitely a must for collectors and hardcore fans!

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