Also known as Mambastic or Sambatronic (at least on this website), This is basically music that integrates brazilian, afro-cuban and other latin american rhythms and styles with electronic beats, synthesized sounds and other mutated tone manifestations. If you would like to hear more material please go to the main music page or simply choose from the drop down menu below and you will be redirected to the genre of your choosing.

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habana subterranea

rarified schmarified A heedless mix of mambo basslines, electro/hip-hop beats, big-band horn arrangements and ambitous guitar soloing. Full ten-minute piece available on the Depth of Field CD.


drop it
A curious little staccatto melody with a vaguely asian quality forms the springboard for this restlessly dynamic latin-funk excursion. Incorporating at times arabic tonalities in the bass, "palmas" (gypsy hand claps) and a happy little drum and bass section. Conspicously lacking any soloing or improvisation.


drop it An edited version of the ten minute afro-cuban drum n bass manifesto featured on Billy Martin's illy B eats vol 2 remixes. Uses several different beats from Martin's breakbeat vinyl, illy B eats, sped up, slowed down, stuttered and otherwise pounded into submission until they are made to fit the 6/8 rhythm of the composition.


all images, sounds and words ©2003 Scott Hampton

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