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This is material either designed or designated to be especially suited for soundtrack and score applications. Although I've never scored a film, I hope to one day apply my composition skills and appreciation of film to an appropriate project. Please contact me if you are interested in using my work for film or collaborating with scored material. If you would like to hear more material please go to the main music page or simply choose from the drop down menu below and you will be redirected to the genre of your choosing.

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rarified planes

rarified schmarified
A light and playful trumpet solo is decontextualized with obtuse keyboard slides and electronic whirring sounds to create a somnambulant quality befitting a futuristic dream sequence.


drop it
   Did you ever wake up in the morning thinking, "I feel like writing a baroque piano composition"? I thought it would be a lot harder than it was to create something palatable. Of course I didn't actually play all the parts at once, I mean, what am I, some kind of robot?


drop it
   An early attempt at arabic compostion, based on a repetetive melody played on spanish guitar and melodica. Percussion is provided by a tambourine and a droning chorus by a handy little softsynth called the Cheez Machine.


drop it
   My first serious attempt at composing for cellos. Begins with a somewhat amorphous exploration of the theme with an indefinite meter, then in the second half brings the elements together. This piece creates a very meditative almost hypnotic effect with long streams of rippling notes.



all images, sounds and words ©2003 Scott Hampton