Scott Hampton is a professional composer with over 20 years experience creating music. He is an accomplished instrumentalist, regularly recording on trumpet and guitar as well as an ever-expanding collection of diverse instruments from all over the world. His music has been licensed on hundreds of television shows on networks including NBC, ABC, The Food Network, Bravo, HGTV, Travel Channel, MTV, DIY Network and TV Land.

Performing as exaltron around New York City and touring nationally, his sound takes the legacy of jazz and funk to new places through the use of live looping and advanced electronics. Scott brings this mix of tradition and technology to his film and television work, using the most advanced production techniques and virtual instruments, along with real acoustic instruments to provide an efficient workflow and a sound that is vivid and genuine.

His work reflects a long-time fascination with cinema and a deep appreciation for film culture and the many ways in which meaning is created in film, where music is a vital ingredient that functions to support the overall vision of the film. His film scores are crafted to support the mood, aesthetic and setting of the visual medium.

As a composer, his sound is inspired by creative and eclectic composers such as Carter Burwell (Coen Brothers), David Holmes (Steven Soderbergh), and Cliff Martinez (Drive, Solaris), as well as more mainstream composers like Thomas Newman, Alberto Iglesias and Christophe Beck. With the ability to create both eloquent orchestral scores and work in a diverse range of genres, including jazz, latin, african and electronic, often mixing several different elements in one composition, Scott is able to provide many options to enhance any visual medium.

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